Feed Lips


The GI Feed Lip was designed with traditional 1.26-inch ball ammo in mind. For maximum reliability, be sure to only shoot this type of ammo with the GI Feed Lip, as other types of ammo are slightly shorter and can negatively impact your shooting experience. For example, hollow point rounds are 1.20 inches, leaving a .06 inch difference that can severely decrease functionality. The shorter round gets pushed upward and leads to jamming, an issue no one wants to encounter.


The Wadcutter Feed Lip is the solution to the frustrating problem for shooting shorter rounds. While it does help prevent the jamming that can occur when shooting the smaller hollow point or wadcutter rounds in the GI Feed Lip, the downside is that traditional ball ammo loses its true controlled feed.


By combining the designs of both the GI and Wadcutter Feed Lips, the Hybrid Feed Lip allows more freedom of choice when selecting caliber and capacity of gun. The Hybrid design helps to prevent the issues that can arise with the other two feed lips, and overall works well with any type of ammo.


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