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Check-Mate Industries Announces the Launch of Its New eCommerce Website

Check-Mate Industries today announced the launch of its New E-Commerce websites. This launch allows consumers to shop on a new website for its line of branded rifle and handgun magazine products.

“We’re excited to announce the launch of our NEW E-Commerce website,” said Jacquelyn V. Santoro, Director of Legal Affairs. “Entering the on-line channel not only provides us additional opportunities to achieve our long-term growth objectives, but it also provides us an opportunity to develop a closer relationship with our consumers by better understanding and responding to their needs. We believe these insights will help us improve our consumers’ experiences with our brands on every level of distribution.” has a safe, and secure shopping cart for purchases, and has special features, such as the ability to search by caliber, rounds and finish,. The sites also include accessories for all of your rifle and handgun magazine needs.


About Check-Mate Industries.

Since 1972, Check-Mate Industries has operated as a complete tool & die, stampings and assemblies manufacturer. From the very beginning, the company has operated under one dual yet simple mantra: nothing worth doing is easy, and if you’re going to do something, do your absolute best. Combining these values of hard work and persistence turned Check-Mate into an industry leader that proudly serves a diverse range of industries, including the men and women of the United States Military.

With over 400 arms related government contracts fulfilled since 1974, and over 10 million handgun and rifle magazines delivered, Check-Mate Industries has earned a solid reputation for producing reliable, high quality magazines. Most notably, the company serves as a preferred supplier for the United States Military and the Original Equipment Manufacturer for the world’s top handgun and rifle manufacturers.