About Us

Locking Down Military-Grade Performance

     With over four decades of expertise in high-quality manufacturing and a “never satisfied” approach to innovation and refinement, Check-Mate is the leading provider of high-quality aftermarket & OEM magazines for 1911s, M1A/M14 rifles, Beretta 92 pistols, Shield, 911 / 938 and other popular firearms.

    Since securing our original Military contract all the way back in 1974, Check-Mate has successfully fulfilled over 400 different military contracts and manufactured almost 10 million magazines for some of the world’s most popular platforms including the 1911, Beretta 92, and more.

    Trusted by America’s enlisted men and women to protect our country’s interests at home and abroad, Check-Mate magazines are manufactured from durable steel with either a parkerized, teflon or natural stainless finish. Their 1911 magazines are available with removable bases or GI-style steel bases.

    Over the years, we’ve innovated and refined on these popular platforms to deliver aftermarket magazines that feed, fit and perform like no other—while maintaining within mil-spec standards for performance and appearance.

    Check-Mate Magazines is a branch of Check-Mate Industries, the largest OEM handgun magazine manufacturer in the US with manufacturing facilties in both NY and GA. Check-Mate Magazines are found included with weapons by Colt, Beretta, Springfield Armory, Armalite, STI, DW, RRA, Smith & Wesson, Remington and Ruger to name a few. 

    Each Check-Mate magazine is 100% developed and manufactured in the U.S.A., backed by a lifetime factory warranty to ensure superior performance, reliability, quality, fit and finish with your favorite firearm.

    So grab a few Check-Mate magazines today for your 1911, M1A / M14, M9, Shield, 911 / 938 or Desert Eagle today, and discover what you’ve been missing!